NorESM User Workshop (3-4 September 2019)

NorESM User Workshop (3-4 September 2019)

The workshop will consist of lectures on simulating the NorESM2 model and practical sessions on running NorESM2 with various components (e.g., CAM, MICOM, CLM, CICE) and post-processing data. The workshop is targeted to Ph.D student, postdocs and scientists who are interested in executing model simulations and technical aspects. We can accept a maximum of 20 students based on their knowledge of using HPC machines.

Venue: Geophysical Institute, West wing, Jahnebakken 5, 5007 Bergen, Norway
(Possibly, we also will have streaming capacity. If interested indicate this in the application.)

Workshop registration is free of charge and lunch and social dinner on Tuesday 3 September is included. Participants must cover travel and accommodation.

Contact: Yanchun He (, Jørund Strømsøe (, Alok Kumar Gupta (

Deadline to signup: 15 August 2019

Tentative Agenda:
September 3 (9:00-16:00)

1. Brief intro to NorESM (e.g., history, differences to CESM, some dynamic and physical characteristics, general performance in CMIP5/CMIP6, scientific updates in NorESM2 compared to NorESM1) (Mats Bentsen)

2. Workflow of running NorESM2: e.g, access code from github, setup experiment, archive/data storage, diagnostic tool.

3. Hands on session 1: configuring and running experiments, how to run with different compsets/grids, branch run, hybrid run, clone run

4. Wrap-up of the first day, user feedback.

September 4 (9:00-14:30)

5. Hands on session 2: running the diagnostic tools and postprocessing

6. Best practices, how to contribute to NorESM

7. (From 13:00-14:30), Joint Program item for INES all staff meeting and NorSEM2 user workshop:
Welcome to INES participants and introduction (Mats Bentsen) ; CESM status and future plans (Mariana Vertenstein)