ISLAS2022 citizen science snow sampling experiment

ISLAS2022 citizen science snow sampling experiment

Many thanks for your interest in our citizen science experiment!

Collecting snow samples for our project is easy, and very useful for our scientific objectives to understand how clouds produce snow, and where the water in the snow comes from. Read more about our ISLAS project that takes place in March/April 2022 here.

We are looking for many samples of fresh snow at the surface from a wide range of locations in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In addition to collecting and melting the snow samples, we ask you to note down where and when you took the snow samples. Also, we need you to return the melted snow samples at a pickup location afterwards. Then we can analyze the snow for their isotope composition in the laboratory. We will inform you about the project results as soon as possible after the sampling period.

Sampling is fun and easy. See here for the written manual, and below for a video from 2019 how to sample snow for our project: