Registration - 2nd K2 Annual Retreat (2018)

Registration - 2nd K2 Annual Retreat (2018)

Time: October 25-26 2018
Place: Vatnahalsen, Myrdal
Registration deadline: September 18
Abstract deadline: October 8

The Department of Clinical Science (K2) welcomes you to participate in the second K2 Annual Retreat for its PhDs and postdocs, an arena for academic and social exchanges. K2 covers all costs of the event.

Register below!

Please note that submitting an abstract is obligatory for participation. Those who register will receive more information.

This year we will be in the enchanting environment of Vatnahalsen hotel in the mountains by Myrdal, a 2 hour and 17 minute train ride from Bergen train station.

We will depart at 08:43am from Bergen train station on the 25th of October and arrive at 11am for lunch (1130-1215).
We will return at 11:57 from Vatnahalsen on the 26th, have a 1 hour lunch stop at Myrdal and be back at Bergen train station at 14:57pm.

After lunch on Thursday we will have a science seminar and interactive workshop, before a nice dinner and social activities. The program continues after breakfast the next morning.

The scientific and interactive program will include presentations by the PhDs/postdocs, as well as by more senior researchers. Ample time will be given for discussion of presented projects and group work/networking.

Please indicate below whether you would like to take part in this event.

We also welcome your suggestions on the overall theme of this years retreat, as well as topics that you would like to have included in the program.

We hope to see you at Vatnahalsen!

Organizing Committee:
Associate Prof. Simon Dankel
Associate Prof. Simona Chera
Professor Stefan Johansson
Postdoc Anne-Kristin Stavrum
PhD candidate Tara Helen Dowling