Application form - Joint day seminars and TMS/TFS Colloquiums

Application form - Joint day seminars and TMS/TFS Colloquiums

Joint day seminars

These are one day seminars with topics of interest within one field or at the intersection of two or more fields. Participants from the other universities would come in the morning (or evening before) and leave at the end of the day, thus making it e ectively a work day just in another city.
1. The joint day seminars will be organized around one or more international guests.
2. It will usually also contain talks by Norwegian mathematicians, so as to make it from three to five talks during the day. Each institution will normally host one such seminar each semester, and themes should be distributed to reflect the overall research activity in Norway.

TMS/TFS Colloquium

One of these joint day seminars may after competitive application be extended to a two or three day seminar under the name TMS/TFS Colloquium and get an extra funding of 30–60K NOK. It will be organized 3–8 times during the four years, at most once each semester, depending on available funding, demand, and quality of proposal. The TMS/TFS colloquium will include a social dinner for the participants.

Deadlines: 1 March and 1 Oct, for activities the following semester