Network for social science in Norwegian global health- registration

Network for social science in Norwegian global health- registration

The intersection between social science and medical approaches is at the core of global health research. There are many researchers within the social sciences and humanities based in Norway who share an interest in global health, but we are spread across many disciplines and institutions. You are therefore invited to join a new network for social sciences within Norwegian global health research, administered by the Power and Politics in Global Health research group at the Centre for Development and the Environment (UiO), on behalf of the Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research.

The network will be an arena for information about new research projects and publications, seminars, conferences and funding calls, as well as discussion of methodological, ethical or other research-related issues. This will initially be a virtual network, operating primarily through an email list, but we can also plan network meetings at Globvac conferences or other relevant venues.

This network is open to anyone working in Norway who has an interest in how social scientific, historical and political perspectives can advance understandings of global health - not just social scientists.

We hope you would like to join! Please register your interest by filling the form below, stating your name, position/affiliation, discipline and thematic esearch interests.

Feel free to share this invite with your colleagues!

Contact person:
Katerini Storeng, Associate Professor
- Centre for Development and Environment, UiO

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