PSYFA: Application for reimbursement of expenses

PSYFA: Application for reimbursement of expenses

In this form you may apply for a reimbursement of expenses relating to travel to the place of internship or expenses for collecting data for bachelor- or master's thesis. Reimbursement for travel expenses on the cheapest means of travel only.

Travel to place of internship
Deductible for students: kr. 1000,-
You can apply for a reimbursement up to kr. 4000,- In this amount expenses to bus/boat/plane/train are included.

Expenses for collecting data
You can apply for up to kr. 2000,- when writing your bachelor thesis.
You can apply up to kr. 2600,- when writing your master's thesis.

Expenses may be:
- Travel
- Expendable materials when collecting data, like postage and copying of surveys.

Expenses that are not refunded:
- Conference and course expenses.
- Books
- Copying of articles
- Equipment

Only one application is needed for the reimbursement of expenses. In this application you submit all expenses when it comes to collecting data and/or traveling to your place of internship.

Take care of your receipts. The faculty may at any time ask to see the original receipts.