PSYFA: Application for the loan of a dictionary during written exams

The Faculty of Psychology has a limited number of word-to-word dictionaries intended to be used during written exams at the faculty. Exchange students may apply to borrow a dictionary for this purpose. The application deadline is 1 week prior to the exam.

If you have more than one written exam at the Faculty of Psychology, please apply for all at once.

We will let you know if your application has been approved or not by e-mail.

Terms of agreement:
• You may only apply to use the faculty dictionaries at exams held by the Faculty of Psychology.
• The dictionary will be handed out during the exam, and MUST be returned to the invigilator when the exam is finished.
• If we do not have dictionaries available in your preferred language, you may apply to use a private dictionary, abiding the rules for dictionaries at exams at the UiB.

By sending in this form, you agree to these terms.


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