HPC and NIRD Toolkit User Course November 2021

HPC and NIRD Toolkit User Course November 2021

In November 2021, the Metacenter partners Sigma2, UiB, UiO & UiT are jointly offering a hands-on course for current and future users of national HPC systems (Saga, Fram, Betzy) and the NIRD Toolkit. The course is open to all and free of charge. Here is a very brief overview of the course days and goals.

Day 1 (November 2nd 09:00-13:00) Welcome, Introduction to High Performance Computing
Session 1: Welcome, What is HPC, working on HPC System, Scheduling Jobs
Session 2: Accessing Software, transferring files
Session 3: Running a parallel job, Using resources effectively
Session 4: HPC through a web browser
Session Q&A: Questions and Answers

Day 2 (November 3rd 09:00-13:00) Optimization of codes and resource management
Session 1: Optimization of codes and batch script part I
Session 2: Optimization of codes and batch script part II
Session 3: Optimizing use of memory and CPUs
Session 4: Profiling memory and CPU resource usage
Session 5: Optimization of codes:Usecase
Session Q&A: Questions and Answers

Day 3 (November 4th 09:00-13:00) Containers on HPC and NIRD Toolkit
Session 1: Containers on HPC
Session 2: NIRD Toolkit part I
Session 3: NIRD Toolkit part II
Session Q&A: Questions and Answers

Day 4 (November 5th 09:00-13:00) GPU Computing
Session 1:Introduction to GPU computing part I
Session 2:GPU Computing on HPC
Session 3: Using GPUs with containers
Session Q&A: Questions and Answers

For recommended prerequisites and more details, please visit the course page.

Please, fill out the form below to register for the courses held on Zoom (link will be provided via email). Registration deadline for the course is October 20th.
We intend to record all sessions and will make the recordings available shortly after the event via the course page


Note 1, Those who do not have an account on one of the HPC machines or NIRD (storage, Toolkit, ...) yet need to apply for an account. The application page is available here and documentation for the application procedure is available here. You are applying for an HPC account. For the project, please select “NN9987K: Course Resources as a Service #3” (the Project manager will be filled in automatically), choose Saga under Resources, set the Account start date to 2021-10-26 and the Account end date to one week after the course, that is 2021-11-12.

Note 2, In order to use the NIRD Toolkit during the course you will need either a Feide account or a Feide OpenIDP guest account.
You can create a Feide OpenIDP guest account at https://openidp.feide.no/.
See your eduPersonPrincipalName (eduPPN) at http://innsyn.feide.no . Those who are using Feide openidp guest account should go to minside.dataporten.no to find eduppn, and it is the field called “Secondary user identifiers”.

You can always contact us by sending an email to support@nris.no.
If you want to receive further information about training events, and other announcements about IT resources and services for researchers, there are a couple of information channels you can subscribe to:
*users at University of Bergen and affiliated institutes register to: hpcnews@uib.no
*users of Sigma2 services: subscribe to Sigma2's newsletter

We look forward to see you at the event!

The Metacenter Team